6/12/19 Practice with Real Estate.

Today, I spent a majority of my day practicing and messing around with my camera. Not that I believe practice makes perfect, I do believe that it is always good to keep working towards a goal, whether you know everything or not.

On a normal Real Estate shoot, I will have my camera and a mounted flash at all times. This was the only way I knew how to do things. Until today.

Today I taught myself/learned how to photograph using HDR, which I didnt realize I would enjoy so much more than relying on a flash for light!

HDR is when you take three separate pictures of the same thing, but all at different exposures. Later in post, you pull up the three photos and merge them together to form one great picture. It is much more efficient than working with a flash, that cant guarantee great results. It is also faster, and the end product looks amazing!

I cant wait to put this new skill to work at my next shoot!

Practicing with HDR.

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