What could go wrong?

The one thing a creator should


Say… What could go wrong, or, “Oh, I shouldn’t need that on todays shoot.”

Murphys Law people! Whatever could go wrong, will go wrong. Always be prepared for the worst.

And no, Im not implying that you should go into something always expecting awful things to happen, though that is what it sounded like. Im saying be prepared. You never know when youll show up to a home with just your 16mm-24mm and suddenly need to take detailed shots BUT you left your 50mm 1.2 at HOME!

That is all photographer gibberish, sorry.

Its always important to carry your gear on you and make sure youre prepared for every and any situation, for example:

Dead flash mid shoot, sudden rain, Dropping your lens, Your mono pod breaking… etc.

The list could go on.

Now me, I tend to overthink… this post may prove that point. So nine times out of ten, I am prepared and then some. The more experience I get, the easier things will become.

I bring all of this nonsense up because I had a post processing situation the other day. A photo I took of a kitchen had been blown out by my flash, it was an okay picture, but the constant white distracted the eye away from the important stuff. Luckily, I had taken a second image that I was not aware of that had been exposed perfectly! I was able to save the picture, and basically save the day.

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